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2020 review

2019 review. All annual reviews.

Highlights of 2020

  • Marco Polo with friends and family overseas. Watching a new baby grow up through video calls. My friend's regular updates of the geese that roam her neighbourhood.
  • Austin Kleon's blog. Reading about existential philosophy.
  • Clouds and Thorns. WILD. Happy music. Pop music with lots of banjo.
  • Digging out my fountain pens again. Hobonichi Weeks. Sticky notes. Felt tip pens and brush pens. Copic markers.
  • Learning a bit of Danish. And Swedish. And Norwegian.
  • Home gym. Exercising every day (for a while). Seeing my body change. My regular gym routine before the pandemic …

2019 review

2018 review. All annual reviews.

(Side note: every year as soon as I publish my annual review, I start a new Markdown file for my review of the next year. Throughout the year I add achievements, details about goals I've accomplished, and favourite media, so getting the review ready to publish is much easier. I definitely recommend this approach!)

Here's a quick summary of 2019:

  • My main aim was to have fun and enjoy spending time with Josh. Having a puppy had added a lot of stress and tension to our lives, and though I still miss our dog a …

2018 review

The year I turned 30.

Me with birthday balloons

Things I did this year

  • Slept in our backyard in a sleeping bag one night in January
  • Made my first Apple Watch app
  • Got a puppy!

Samoyed puppy

  • Had my first pull request accepted
  • Submitted my first pull request with actual code (my first three were typos)
  • Started my first major iOS refactor
  • Restarted gymnastics classes & started going regularly
  • Baked croissants from scratch
  • Went to Dev World conference
  • Did my first chin-up
  • Started learning Android development & Kotlin
  • Released my first open-source app
  • Moved to Melbourne's inner west
  • Turned 30!
  • Joined a gym and started weightlifting
  • Wrote 16 …

2017 review


2016. 2015.

To sum up 2017, it's ended on a great note after a lot of struggle earlier in the year. The biggest thing to happen this year was quitting my job to work on Hello Code full-time from October 1st. This is something we've been working towards since we started Hello Code ~4 years ago, and has often felt like a goal we'd never reach. To be able to pay both of us a (very low) salary and put all our time and energy into our own company is a great achievement. I'm proud of all the hard work …

2016 in review

Eggs and lavender

Following on from my 2015 review, here's a round-up of what I did this year, what I read and watched, and my goals for 2017.

Things I did in 2016

  • Published 48 posts on my blog
  • Wrote 88 articles for freelance clients
  • Finished up freelancing and accepted a part-time job offer for 2017
  • Launched 3 major Exist for iOS updates (as well as minor updates in-between) with Apple Health integration, location tracking, and additional Apple Health data
  • Spent a few weeks with an iOS mentor
  • Switched from iOS to Android with a new Pixel phone
  • Started posting videos to YouTube …

2015 in review

I've already written about my must-have apps from 2015, but I didn't spend all my time playing with apps. When I read Josh's review of 2015, I really liked the format, and decided I would also like to write up what I got done throughout the year, my goals for 2016, and some of my favourite non-app products and art from 2015.

So here goes.

Things I did in 2015

When I started writing this section of the review, I felt really down. A few big things happened in 2015 that weren't nice at all, and I'd rather not think …

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