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2018 review

The year I turned 30.

Me with birthday balloons

Things I did this year

  • Slept in our backyard in a sleeping bag one night in January
  • Made my first Apple Watch app
  • Got a puppy!

Samoyed puppy

  • Had my first pull request accepted
  • Submitted my first pull request with actual code (my first three were typos)
  • Started my first major iOS refactor
  • Restarted gymnastics classes & started going regularly
  • Baked croissants from scratch
  • Went to Dev World conference
  • Did my first chin-up
  • Started learning Android development & Kotlin
  • Released my first open-source app
  • Moved to Melbourne's inner west
  • Turned 30!
  • Joined a gym and started weightlifting
  • Wrote 16 …

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