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How I use Sumptus to track my expenses

I've tried tracking my expenses before, and for a while I was happy using Cost, which is perhaps the only expense tracker I've found that shows you your remaining balance, rather than your total expenses or remaining budget. When I worked out what I spent the most money on and where I could cut back I stopped tracking my expenses altogether, since it had served its purpose.

It was a relief to not track every single thing I bought, just as quitting Foursquare check-ins months ago was a relief (I took them up again when I got the Swarm app …

Choosing a podcast app


I listen to a lot of podcasts.

In fact, the app that's using the most storage on my phone right now is a podcast player.

I listen when I go for a run, I listen when I walk to the supermarket, when I'm on the train, or when I'm out shopping. I even listen when I'm doing housework. Once you start listening to podcasts often, you realise how many activities there are that stop you from reading or watching videos but leave your ears free to consume information.

Although I'm a big podcast fan, I have very specific tastes. I …

My favorite iOS jailbreak tweaks

iPhone homescreen and second page

Around the start of 2014, I came across a jailbreak tweak that lets you add links to your reading list (Instapaper, Readability, etc.) from anywhere on your phone. In Safari, in Chrome, in Reddit apps. It worked like iOS 8 extensions, before they were a thing.

I wanted this tweak really badly. I started googling to see what else I could get for a jailbroken phone and found more tweaks that I loved: hiding unnecessary controls in Control Centre, hiding unnecessary icons in the status bar, making animations faster in iOS 7.

I decided to go for it. Jailbreaking seemed …

My must-have apps 2014

Federico Viticci writes a set of posts for MacStories at the end of each year that I always enjoy reading: his must-have iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps for the year (though this year he's doing iPhone and iPad only). Reading through this year's iPad post I realised how different my own list of favourite apps is, and decided to share my own list of must-haves.

I change the apps I use often, especially for common tasks like email or writing, mainly because none of the apps I've tried have been right on the money yet. Then there are some apps …

Apps I like: July 2014

Periodically I like to write about some of the apps I'm using a lot (previous app posts: Feb, March). As a personal project, I also take a screenshot of my iPhone's homescreen once a week, so I thought I'd include my most recent homescreen this time around:

Homescreen: July 13, 2014

I don't really like having folders on my homescreen, and only recently added them. It's an experiment to see whether that saves me time or not. Since I accidentally upgraded my iOS version and ruined my jailbreak, I've found that my phone feels really slow, especially in animations like opening and closing folders …

Apps I like: March 2014

Another five apps I like that you should try. If you haven't read my past entries, you can find them here and here.


Reporter is a random sampling app to give you an idea of how often things occur in your life. It's right up my alley, being that I'm into all things self-tracking and Quantified Self.

apps march reporter

The app sends push notifications to your phone (iPhone only) at random points during the day, each time asking you to fill out the same survey of questions. Reporter comes with some built-in questions such as Where are you?, Who are you …

Apps I like: Feb 2014

Here are some apps I use often, and like so much I want to share them. If you missed it, you can read my first post on apps I like here.

Day One

A beautiful, robust journal app for those who are willing to put in the effort of actually journalling.

Day One

Day One is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad, and every update seems to make it more powerful. It lets you add photos, tags and weather data to your entries, write in Markdown and even pulls in activity data from the M7 if you have an iPhone 5S.

I …

Apps I like: Dec 2013

I currently have an iPhone 5S. I really miss some things about Android, but after a year away from Apple's walled garden I had to come back. The sub-par app experience of Android was too frustrating for me. A lot of the most exciting apps are released on iOS first (or only), and almost always look and feel more at home on an Apple device.

Since I'm such an app fanatic, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite apps as I add to my collection. To start off with, here are five of the apps …

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