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Introducing ExistAPI: An open-source Swift framework

Recently I released a new side project, called ExistAPI. It's a Swift framework to make working with the Exist API in iOS apps much easier. It's available via Cocoapods and the source is on GitHub.

I work with the Exist API a lot. Not just for our official iOS client, but also for all the side projects I create for fun and learning. I'm always making things that can sync data to Exist, and writing the code to talk to the Exist API over and over is a pain.

So I wanted to write a framework to abstract away that …

My 2019 planner setup

Jibun Techo Mini

Last year I wrote about the internal debate I was having over which planners and journals to use in 2018. This year I had much the same debate, but didn't bother writing about it. I've finally committed to my 2019 setup, though, so I wanted to share what I've chosen.

But first, a quick look at how my 2018 plans turned out. I chose a Jibun Techo Mini for my planner and logbook, my passport Traveler's Notebook for a journal with just brief highlights in it, and my regular Traveler's Notebook for journalling.

Apart from a couple of months when …

On public criticism

I've noticed a few posts on today that are clearly related to my post about leaving yesterday (though not sent to me directly). The general gist of these posts is that criticism should be done privately.

I understand that criticism can be tough, and public criticism in particular. In fact, I held back most of yesterday's post for weeks because of this fact. I've held most of these reservations for a while, but I didn't want to share these criticisms because I felt there were other ways I could help improve instead. Leaving the service and …

Why I'm leaving

I've come and gone from several times before. I joined long before the Kickstarter, when barely anyone was there. I tried it again after the Kickstarter, when the community looked more like it does today. And I came back again a few weeks ago for the most fun, if not the longest, period of time I've spent there.

Like many other people, I really like the community on I like that it feels like a nice, friendly place to hang out, and that mostly people post content thoughtfully, even if it's short or just a photo …

I miss the halcyon days when my puppy refused to go to the toilet anywhere but home.

Some good ideas here for using Kotlin higher-order functions.

I recently heard a talk about using MVP on iOS and really liked the idea. This is a good look at how Reddit is incrementally moving to MVP.

Recent thoughts on Android vs. iOS

My last post about using Android vs. iOS was about 18 months ago. It feels like time for an update.

At the end of 2017, after having my Google Pixel for just over a year, I switched to an iPhone X. As an iOS developer, I felt my work was better when I used my own apps every day, and I'd long despised the physical iPhone home button, which the X did away with.

Around May of 2018 I dropped my iPhone X and cracked the screen. I've never done that to a phone before! It feel out of my …

Introducing Pico

I've been on a side project binge lately. My latest effort is an Android client for called Pico. I've been using more lately and also using Android for my phone. is an Apple-heavy community from what I can tell, so there are no first-party Android apps for There is already a third-party app, but it doesn't let you compose new posts yet.

Although that functionality is apparently coming in future, I was bugged that I couldn't create new posts from my phone (especially since the text entry field in the web app …



Our Samoyed puppy, Jez (short for Jeremy), is now 7 months old. We picked him up at 2 months old (8 weeks). I've never raised a puppy before, so I did a lot of research before we got one, but there was a lot I missed. I've since learned a lot about puppies I didn't know, and wanted to share some of our experience. There's not really a good way to structure this into a narrative, so it's just a big list of thoughts on various puppy-related topics.

Jez happy

Puppies are hard

Everyone told us puppies are hard. But actually, I'm …

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