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Reflecting on diversity at Playgrounds Con 2017

Playgrounds Day 2

I recently attended my first ever conference, Playgrounds. It was quite a technical-focused conference about Swift and Apple development.

I noticed a bunch of good and bad things relating to diversity and inclusion at Playgrounds, and wanted to take some time to reflect on them and what we can learn ...

2017 planner setup update


I published my 2017 planner setup post at the end of November but in December I was lucky enough to receive an offer to join the team at RescueTime. I spent December wrapping up my final freelance writing projects and getting set up for my new role.

Changing from freelancing ...

Thoughts on switching to Android

A while ago I wrote about my experience testing out Android as I'd started thinking about switching over from iOS.

When the Google Pixel phones were released in October I did end up making the switch to Android. Since I'm using Android full-time now, and I have a ...

2016 fountain pen recap


I recently wrote about the planners and notebooks I tried throughout 2016. Not long after I got my regular Traveler's Notebook I decided to try fountain pens. I'd always been turned off by fountain pens, thinking they were too fancy and corporate for me. But I'd come ...

2016 Planner recap

Planner stack

I've already posted about my planner setup for 2017.

For this post I wanted to share some of the notebooks and planners I used throughout 2016 and how they worked (or didn't) for me.



I've had a single A5 hardcover Leuchtturm 1917 notebook on my desk ...

2016 in review

Eggs and lavender

Following on from my 2015 review, here's a round-up of what I did this year, what I read and watched, and my goals for 2017.

Things I did in 2016

  • Published 48 posts on my blog
  • Wrote 88 articles for freelance clients
  • Finished up freelancing and accepted a part-time ...

Jibun Techo size comparisons

Jibun Techo 2017

Since there isn't much information available about the Jibun Techo in English, and the sizes aren't the standards we use in the West, lots of people are wondering about the sizes of the Jibun Techos.

I only have the A5 Slim version of the Jibun Techo. There's ...

How I'm using my Jibun Techo

Jibun Techo

I've had my Jibun Techo for about two months now, so I've had time to experiment with how I want to use it. I still love it, but I've tried a few different ways of incorporating it into my planning setup and wanted to share what worked ...

How I use Todoist, updated

It's been nearly a year since I wrote about how I use Todoist to manage my tasks and projects. This post has been one of my most popular this year, so I wanted to do a follow up to explain how I've changed my process recently.

I've ...

Healthy habits and hacks


I've been making a few small changes lately to my daily habits and how I set up my day. While each of these is a small change, altogether they've improved how productive I am, and reduced my stress levels.

Google calendar emails

I use Google calendar for all ...

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