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Healthy habits and hacks


I've been making a few small changes lately to my daily habits and how I set up my day. While each of these is a small change, altogether they've improved how productive I am, and reduced my stress levels.

Google calendar emails

I use Google calendar for all ...

2017 planner setup

Second Hobonichi order

My second (and last) Hobonichi order arrived this week, so I'm finally all set for 2017. I've changed my mind a few times in the past couple of months about what setup I want for my 2017 planners, and no doubt I'll change my mind throughout the ...

Review: Slice Planner

I was recently offered a prototype of a new "augmented reality notebook" to review. The Slice Planner is a hybrid digital/analogue notebook that you can support on Kickstarter right now. Thanks to the Slice Planner team for sending out a prototype for me to review.

Slice Planner hard cover

I haven't reviewed ...

2017 Jibun Techo

Jibun Techo with Pilot Custom Heritage 92

I received a new toy to play with a couple of days ago, called a Jibun Techo. It's a planner from Japan that's competing with Hobonichi, but it seems much more rare to see these in the wild, so I've had lots of questions about it.

I ...

Some of my favourite blogs

coffee cup

I wasn't too much into blogs when they were a big deal, initially. I'm quite late to the party, I guess, but I really like the idea of everyone having their own blog, and using posts to reply to other posts, and using RSS to keep up with ...

How I use my two Midori Traveler's Notebooks

Two Midoris

I've had a couple of people ask on Instagram how I'm using my different Midori Traveler's Notebooks, and I promised I would write a post to explain my current setup.

I've been putting this post off because I wasn't quite set in my usage until ...

2016 goals, August edition


In January I shared the six goals I set for myself for 2016. Now that we're over halfway through the year, I thought it was good timing to revisit those goals and revise them for the rest of the year.

Here's what my 2016 goals were in January ...

My freelancing process


Since I'm currently taking on new freelancing clients, I've been talking to various people about how I work. I have a fairly standard spiel that explains my rates, my process for working with clients, and how I handle payments. Explaining this so often made me realise it might ...

Tools I use for writing in 2016

Fountain pen

Image from Unsplash

Two years ago I wrote about the tools I was using for writing. It's about time for an update, so here's my current toolset.


I've been embracing analogue tools more lately, so my toolset is a fairly even combo of analogue and digital ...

Read this if: you are anxiously searching for your life purpose.

My epiphany: for most of my life I've been trying to nail down my "purpose" so that I can choose the right types of "projects" to align with my purpose. But what if that's a backwards approach ...

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