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"I didn’t particularly like sewing, but I liked what you could do with it." Like Austin Kleon, I, too, feel this way about writing.

Details on the next big feature we're working on for Exist, and how we're using it during beta testing: Introducing custom tracking (and how we're using it)

Want to be an artist? Watch Groundhog Day.

The creative journey is not one in which at the end you wake up in some mythical, happy, foreign land. The creative journey is one in which you wake up every day, like Phil, with more work to do.

The gender-gap exists in freelance pay, too

This survey of freelancers shows there's a gender gap in earnings, even for independent contractors. I'm guessing this data is all U.S.-based, but no doubt the stats are similar in other Western countries. This blog post about the survey's results points out that the gap may be partly …

Minorities helping minorities doesn't work


For female and non-White executives, the more they valued diversity, the worse they were rated for performance and competence. And the non-White leaders who received very high performance ratings (higher even than the White majority) showed the least interest in diversity.

Here's an interesting idea for fixing this problem …

Must-have apps 2016

At the end of each year (or three months into the following one) I like to reflect on my favourite apps from the past twelve months. I recently switched from an iPhone to a Google Pixel, so the mobile section of this post will be about Android apps instead of …

Reflecting on diversity at Playgrounds Con 2017

Playgrounds Day 2

I recently attended my first ever conference, Playgrounds. It was quite a technical-focused conference about Swift and Apple development.

I noticed a bunch of good and bad things relating to diversity and inclusion at Playgrounds, and wanted to take some time to reflect on them and what we can learn …

2017 planner setup update


I published my 2017 planner setup post at the end of November but in December I was lucky enough to receive an offer to join the team at RescueTime. I spent December wrapping up my final freelance writing projects and getting set up for my new role.

Changing from freelancing …

Thoughts on switching to Android

A while ago I wrote about my experience testing out Android as I'd started thinking about switching over from iOS.

When the Google Pixel phones were released in October I did end up making the switch to Android. Since I'm using Android full-time now, and I have a brand new …

2016 fountain pen recap


I recently wrote about the planners and notebooks I tried throughout 2016. Not long after I got my regular Traveler's Notebook I decided to try fountain pens. I'd always been turned off by fountain pens, thinking they were too fancy and corporate for me. But I'd come across some details …

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