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First Hello Code podcast episode for ages! I forgot how much fun it is to record these.

I think I'm getting a bit too predictable. Although I don't know why I'm always tired on the day I have my longest sleep of the week...

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One of the benefits of getting a puppy has been more exercise!

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This seems like a cool addition to Swift 4.2:

Enumerating enum cases in Swift – Ole Begemann

This is a handy round up of all the new stuff relating to notifications in iOS 12:

What's new in notifications in iOS 12 –

Today it's one week since I gave up caffeine. I had mild headaches for about 3 days, and struggled to wake up for about 5 days. Four days in I wanted to give up but I'm glad I didn't!

We just hit a huge milestone with Exist: we've been working on it for five years! Josh wrote up a few words about the journey on our company blog.

The ads shown during the football make it really clear I'm not the average viewer. German shampoo for men, gambling, cars, and even disgusting ads promoting coal. Gross.

Stuff I didn't see mentioned at WWDC this year that would be nice:

  1. I paid $1500 for an iPhone X 6 months ago, and yet the camera app regularly freezes—often while recording a video. How about a fix for that?
  2. How about improving third-party keyboard which are still janky as ever?
  3. Faster processing of builds in iTunes Connect would be nice
  4. Wireless debugging on device is really awesome, except it barely works. How about the new version of Xcode doesn't keep losing its connection to my iPhone, so I have to carry the cable around anyway?

We released a big update to the Exist Web app recently! We've had mostly positive feedback, which is awesome. It feels great to have this launched.

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