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Monthly Review: July 2020

drawing of me before and during the pandemic

I'm obsessed with

Mike Lowery's drawings. Poring over Mike's drawings recently encouraged me to draw on paper again, after exclusively drawing on my iPad Pro for the last few months.

I'm listening to

Milow, and The Strumbellas.

I'm reading

The Baby Decision by Merle Bombardieri.

I'm watching

The newest season of Norsemen, finally released in English (I actually like foreign shows with subtitles usually, but the Norwegian accent is extra fun when they speak English, so it's worth waiting for the international version to drop).

Stuff I bought this month

Stationery from Tabiyo Shop.

These wireless headphones from Urbanears which …

Monthly Review: June 2020

drawing of Alex

I'm obsessed with

Austin Kleon's blog again. Once or twice every year I go through a phase of reading through his archives and immersing myself in his ideas. I may even re-read his books this time around, too.

I'm listening to

This fun banjo tune.

I'm reading

Murderous Contagion: A Human History of Disease by Mary Dobson (still), while also starting How To Be Alive by Colin Beavan.

I'm watching

The Swedish version of Taskmaster, since we've finished the original (UK) version and the Norwegian version. We also watched Staged, a short series about David Tennant and Michael Sheen attempting …

Monthly Review: May 2020

I'm obsessed with

Planners! I've got a Hobonichi Cousin Avec this year, which is split into two books, one for each half of the year. I only have a month to go before it's time to swap them out, so I'm spending lots of time thinking about how I might want to change things up for the second half of the year.

So far this year I've found sticking ephemera into the daily pages of the Hobo Cousin didn't stop it getting too thick to write in, so I'll probably move all of my ephemera into a completely separate journal …

Monthly Review: April 2020

I'm obsessed with

My health. I've been doing telehealth calls with my doctor recently to figure out some bothersome-but-not-serious issues I noticed around the start of lockdown. It's a nice bonus that telehealth calls are all bulk billed, since I've had a few follow ups.

I'm listening to

Folk pop/rock with lots of banjo! I've been trying out Old Bear Mountain, Clouds and Thorns, Hollow Coves, and Bellowhead.

I'm reading

Pandemic by Sonia Shah

I'm watching

Taskmaster (highly recommended if you like British panel shows—the later seasons are better, but it's all fun)

April goals

I missed my …

Monthly Review: February 2020

I'm obsessed with

Workouts! I've finally started to get back into going to the gym consistently after a lot of disruption to the start of the year. I've started using the GZCL method for my lifting program, and I'm really enjoying having a bit more structure to my weights routine.

I'm listening to

A fair bit of Dance Pop, since I've found it's fun for exercising to.

I'm reading

A Darker Shade of Magic. I gave up on the last two books I started reading, because neither really grabbed me. I'm hoping this one will do the trick.

I'm watching …

Monthly Review: January 2020

I'm obsessed with

Social events! Early in the month I decided to double down on my goal of getting more social in 2020 and threw myself into a bunch of new social events and activities. The upsides were that I got a lot more exercise from being out and about more, which helped me sleep better, and I also found that string a lot of events together without big gaps in-between helped me capitalise on the buzz of each one to be more confident going into the next. On the other hand, it quickly became exhausting, and I felt like …

Monthly Review: December 2019

My review's a bit late this month—oops! I'm also experimenting with a different format since there's very little to my reviews normally. So let's start with a few things I've been into lately:

I'm obsessed with

Cooking! I'm watching Bon Appetit Test Kitchen videos all the time and I'm trying lots of new recipes. I'm feeling more confident about my ability to attempt different recipes or techniques, and haven't had any major disasters to put me off so far. I'm most excited about my efforts with dough of all kinds: brioche, ciabatta, pizza, breakfast biscuits, and croissants coming up …

Monthly Review: November 2019

November goals

✔️ 2 social events

I actually managed 3 social events. I didn't socialise a huge amount, but just showing up is important for me at this point, and practising socialising in small amounts will hopefully help me slowly become a bit less of a hermit.

✖️ Finish learning current song on the drums

The song I tried to learn was a bit too hard for me to play at tempo, so I didn't complete this. I did manage to learn to play a basic version of Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, which is the first song I've been …

Monthly Review: October 2019

October goals

✖️ 1 dead hang chin up

I barely worked on this goal throughout the month. I've learned that I should pick physical goals that feel achievable, because this one felt a bit out-of-reach, and was no fun to work on, so I avoided it.

✖️ Learn to play The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy on drums

I can play through this song roughly, but I still need to work a lot on my timing, particularly during the chorus, which is quite tricky to play. I didn't focus heaps on this song throughout the month, because I got caught up in …

Monthly Review: September 2019


  • Australian Realness. We always make a point to see new plays by Zoey Dawson, since we've loved all her previous works. This one might be our favourite so far. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Drums! I rented an electronic drum kit to learn on, since buying a kit outright is expensive and I'm not sure if I'll stick with it. So far, so good, though!

September goals

✔️ Publish two blog posts


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