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Monthly Review: January 2019



  • Twelfth Night at MTC. I wasn't sure about seeing this show, and put off buying tickets for ages. Eventually I bought a cheaper, under-30s ticket right before I turned 30, and I'm so glad I did. I loved this show, and was sad I couldn't see it again (I couldn't really afford to, but it was also sold out for the last week of its twice-extended run).

January goals

✔️ Publish two blog posts

Monthly Review: December 2018

Last month of the year!

Jez the Samoyed


  • Christmas! I don't really care much for Christmas, but it's a nice excuse for present exchanging and to see some family that don't live nearby.
  • Published my first CocoaPod! I've been working on a Swift framework to wrap the Exist API and make it quicker and easier to work with the API in my various iOS projects. In December I got the first rough version of the framework released and shipped as a pod, which I'd never done before. I found the process of publishing my pod really tricky, and spent ages debugging issue …

Monthly Review November 2018

It's been a long time since I've written a monthly review. Here's one for November to get me started again.


  • I turned 30! I made a big deal out of my birthday and was lucky to have some nice people help me celebrate. It was a lot of fun.

Me with 30 balloons

  • Everybody's Talking About Jamie. Our local indie cinema showed a filmed version of this West End musical. It wasn't my favourite musical, but having not seen one live for a long time, I really enjoyed the experience.
  • Got my haircut. It's the best haircut I've had for years. I really …

Mid-year review, 2018

I've been working on this post since June. Now that it's August, it barely counts as a mid-year review.

Anyway, let's take a look at my 2018 goals. I only set two big goals for 2018:

  • Move house
  • Release Larder for iOS

I haven't done either of these yet. Our current lease doesn't expire until August so moving house won't happen until after that.

Larder for iOS has finally hit beta. This is super exciting because I started working on this app more than a year ago (maybe even two) and struggled to make time to finish it. Recently I …

Monthly Review September 2017

Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

Exist 2017 annual user survey

Every year we survey our users on the new features we've added, our plans for the future, and how they use the app. Check out this year's results here.

Last month at RescueTime

It was a heads-down month with a lot to get done before I left, but I managed to get through everything I'd planned before finishing up. Starting this Monday I'll be adjusting to life as a full-time employee of Hello Code!

Live interview about Exist on Triple R radio

I was …

Monthly Review: August 2017


Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

  • Launched custom tracking for Exist.
  • Moved house.

August goals

Only one goal this month because we moved house so there was a lot to focus on.

✔️ 4 blog posts

Focus habit for August


I cycled a little more in the first half of the month but when we moved house I really started to get my bike out multiple times a week. I've been exploring our new …

Monthly Review: July 2017


Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

  • Finished beta testing custom tracking. Spoiler: this feature has been released now! We launched in the first week of August. But July was all about fixing final bugs and preparing to launch.
  • Progress on Larder for iOS. There's still plenty to do, but it's getting closer to a beta launch.
  • Found a new house to move to. We're downgrading to a cheaper house to save on rent. We started looking at houses in July and were very lucky to like the first one we looked at enough to apply …

Monthly Review: June 2017


Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

  • Custom tracking released to Exist for iOS beta testers. This is a big new feature we've been working on for Exist, which will let you track almost anything you want by adding word-based tags to each day. So far we've had a great response, so fingers crossed we'll be ready to release this publicly soon.

June goals

✔️ Get custom tracking in Exist for iOS ready for beta testers

Success! I had this goal set for May as well, which was really audacious, but I worked really hard in June …

Monthly Review: May 2017

Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

  • Theatre: Having only seen one show this year so far, I managed to see a play and two musicals in May. I didn't enjoy the play, but My Fair Lady was fun, and Cabaret was even better.
  • Launching Independence, the podcast I'm co-hosting. It's all about being an indie developer and what that takes. My co-hosts, Curtis and Jelly, both have lots of great experiences to share. Expect a new episode every two weeks.

April goals

✖️ Get custom tracking in Exist for iOS ready for beta testers

I knew …

Monthly Review: April 2017

Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

  • Geelong vs. North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium was awesome. First live AFL game this year and we had amazing seats for an amazing game.
  • Set up our new Steam Link so we can play PC games from the couch with a Steam controller. Just the compromise I wanted.
  • Finally made it to a Melbourne Cocoaheads event.
  • Seeing Andrew Bird live was fun and inspired me to focus more on making art.

April goals

✖️ Release Apple Health sleep integration in Exist for iOS

This has been very close for a …

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