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It took some fiddling, but I've got a really minimal look to Android Studio now, and I love it.

Android Studio screenshot

At work.

At work

Replicated a favourite pizza flavour that's too far away to be delivered to us now, with home-made dough. Yum!

Home made pizza

2 days after we noticed the jagged-edged coriander leaf and it's looking even more like real coriander!

Coriander bigger

Our last coriander has sprouted a new leaf that's actually jagged on the edges like real coriander!

Coriander leaf

Our herbs didn't take to being replanted well at all.

sad plants

Sketching out my current planner/journal setup.

Traveler's Notebook


Caught this awesome sunset while I was out on my bike yesterday.



Using my Traveler's Notebook again. I haven't used the free weekly insert much but I'm enjoying it lately. It'd be nice to stick with it and finish the whole insert!

Traveler's Company Notebook


Today's morning office view.

morning office

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