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Monthly Review September 2017

Caught this awesome sunset on my bike the other day. #nofilter

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Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

Exist 2017 annual user survey

Every year we survey our users ...

Choosing a planner for 2018

Traveler's Notebook

2017 has been a mess, planner-wise. I've tried so many variants, and often only for a day or so before I change my mind. (Here's the setup I started the year with.) I've spent far too much time thinking about planners and journals and stationery, and I ...

Monthly Review: August 2017


Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

  • Launched custom tracking for Exist.
  • Moved house.

August goals

Only one goal this month because we moved house so there was a lot to focus on.

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Sketching out my current planner/journal setup.

Traveler's Notebook


Caught this awesome sunset while I was out on my bike yesterday.



Using my Traveler's Notebook again. I haven't used the free weekly insert much but I'm enjoying it lately. It'd be nice to stick with it and finish the whole insert!

Traveler's Company Notebook


Caret 3

I've been using Caret on and off as my Mac Markdown editor. I sometimes switched back to iA Writer for features Caret hadn't implemented yet, or to Ulysses for more control over the style.

But in the past few weeks I've taken to writing almost everything in ...

Today's morning office view.

morning office

It’s hard to find anything to say about life without immersing yourself in the world, but it’s also just about impossible to figure out what it might be, or how best to say it, without getting the hell out of it again.

The ‘Busy’ Trap

How opportunity leads to opportunity leads to opportunity...

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