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I'm excited to be working on adding tests to the iOS app for Exist, but so far I'm spending at least as much time on my tests as I am on real code. They're as bad as everyone who avoids them says, I think.

Struggled with not being able to add default parameter arguments in a Swift protocol today. This workaround was really helpful.

Replicated a favourite pizza flavour that's too far away to be delivered to us now, with home-made dough. Yum!

Home made pizza

2 days after we noticed the jagged-edged coriander leaf and it's looking even more like real coriander!

Coriander bigger

Our last coriander has sprouted a new leaf that's actually jagged on the edges like real coriander!

Coriander leaf

It's been years since I had Southern-style breakfast biscuits. I miss them. I'm going to attempt to cook them (first time ever) this week, as well as that delicious white gravy.

I spent a bunch of time adjusting my blog theme today and making inline code and pre blocks look much nicer before publishing this post about Fastlane. I think it was worth the effort!

Using Fastlane to archive and upload iOS builds

Pushing out a new version of your app is exciting, especially when it includes a big new feature. But I've always found releasing new versions of my app to be a huge pain. It's fiddly, it involves lots of GUI that I wouldn't otherwise interact with, and there's lots of waiting around in-between steps.

I recently took the plunge and set up Fastlane to make this process simpler, easier, and faster. It's been a rocky road to get Fastlane working, and I keep hitting snags in using it, but when it does work, I love it.

I'd never interacted with …

Microblogging with Pelican

I've previously posted some micro posts here, but recently mentioned that I'd created a separate WordPress blog for my micro posts at I did this in order to create micro posts through the iOS and Mac apps, which can post to hosted blogs or WordPress blogs.

I loved the convenience of being able to post to my microblog from anywhere, but one of the main reasons for to exist is so you can control and own your content, while still reaping the benefits of social interactions around that content.

But my …

Woo Cow Time: Days 2 & 3, and why I'm giving up

It's been a couple of weeks since I stopped working on my side project, Woo Cow Time. Unfortunately I hit enough roadblocks that the app doesn't seem feasible to build for iOS, so I've given up on it for now.

But I did spend another weekend on it before I gave up, so here's an update on what I tried, and where I got stuck.

If you read about Day 1 of working on Woo Cow Time, you'll know it's a cow-themed-Australian-tinged-workout app that lets you combine timed and untimed exercises into the same workout.

As some follow-up from my …

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