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We just hit a huge milestone with Exist: we've been working on it for five years! Josh wrote up a few words about the journey on our company blog.

The ads shown during the football make it really clear I'm not the average viewer. German shampoo for men, gambling, cars, and even disgusting ads promoting coal. Gross.

Stuff I didn't see mentioned at WWDC this year that would be nice:

  1. I paid $1500 for an iPhone X 6 months ago, and yet the camera app regularly freezes—often while recording a video. How about a fix for that?
  2. How about improving third-party keyboard which are still janky as ever?
  3. Faster processing of builds in iTunes Connect would be nice
  4. Wireless debugging on device is really awesome, except it barely works. How about the new version of Xcode doesn't keep losing its connection to my iPhone, so I have to carry the cable around anyway?

We released a big update to the Exist Web app recently! We've had mostly positive feedback, which is awesome. It feels great to have this launched.

Last night I watched an episode of Stories from Norway: The Musical with trepidation, but I needn't have been worried. It was excellent. Hilarious jokes, well-crafted musical numbers, recent Scandinavian history, and lots of silliness. It's written by the comedians who created The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) as a joke to promote their late-night TV show. They've done a great job. More info here.

Released a juicy update to Exist for iOS today, with some stuff I've been working on for ages! Feels good to see our roadmap looking like this.

Aspects of a well-known app I like have been blatantly ripped off by a solo dev for an app in another category. I love that an app exists for this other use-case I have with features from the big app I like, but it's hard to feel okay about supporting such obvious copying.

Why do so many developers keep blogging on Medium? It has annoying pop-ups, you don't own your content, and it doesn't do any syntax highlighting. Maybe there's a market for a dev-specific replacement?

Some really good Swift tips in this article that I didn't know about:

10 Quick Swift Tips – Hacking with Swift

At the start of each year I write a review of the previous year. I also start my review of the current year. I re-read and add to the current year's review as the year goes by, both to remind me of my goals and to make it quicker and easier to finish my review when the year is over.

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