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Monthly Review: December 2018

Last month of the year!

Jez the Samoyed


  • Christmas! I don't really care much for Christmas, but it's a nice excuse for present exchanging and to see some family that don't live nearby.
  • Published my first CocoaPod! I've been working on a Swift framework to wrap the Exist API and make it quicker and easier to work with the API in my various iOS projects. In December I got the first rough version of the framework released and shipped as a pod, which I'd never done before. I found the process of publishing my pod really tricky, and spent ages debugging issue …

Just spent ages figuring out that URLSession will just time out your request if you try to use an uploadTask but don't specify the HTTP method. Such an obvious mistake, but an error would've been nice!

My 2019 planner setup

Jibun Techo Mini

Last year I wrote about the internal debate I was having over which planners and journals to use in 2018. This year I had much the same debate, but didn't bother writing about it. I've finally committed to my 2019 setup, though, so I wanted to share what I've chosen.

But first, a quick look at how my 2018 plans turned out. I chose a Jibun Techo Mini for my planner and logbook, my passport Traveler's Notebook for a journal with just brief highlights in it, and my regular Traveler's Notebook for journalling.

Apart from a couple of months when …

Monthly Review November 2018

It's been a long time since I've written a monthly review. Here's one for November to get me started again.


  • I turned 30! I made a big deal out of my birthday and was lucky to have some nice people help me celebrate. It was a lot of fun.

Me with 30 balloons

  • Everybody's Talking About Jamie. Our local indie cinema showed a filmed version of this West End musical. It wasn't my favourite musical, but having not seen one live for a long time, I really enjoyed the experience.
  • Got my haircut. It's the best haircut I've had for years. I really …

Started working with Swift's Codable for the first time today, and found this article really handy for making enums with associated values Codable.

Cashew app screenshot Still lots of polish to go, and changes I want to make, but here's a WIP screenshot of Cashew, the open-source native Mac app for GitHub issues I'm working on:

I enjoyed this post about modularising a huge iOS app. I'm working on a much smaller scale, but I'd like to try something similar.

I never fail to be inspired by Austin Kleon's blog. I'm up to page 5 of his archives so far this morning, and I don't want to stop.

Yesterday was my one-year anniversary of working full-time at Hello Code! It's nice that we've made it this far without running out of money. Fingers crossed we've got many years to go.

I love the way issues are handled in GRDB (SQLite for Swift). Groue is so friendly, and always goes above-and-beyond in helping to solve problems or explore new features for the library. It makes me happy to be a GRDB user.

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