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Quite enjoyed this video on active reading methods.

Monthly Review: December 2016


Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

  • Christmas. I'm not actually a fan of Christmas, or of driving to the country, but since we went away for a few days over Christmas I did enjoy the forced break from work and other responsibilities. It ...

2016 Planner recap

Planner stack

I've already posted about my planner setup for 2017.

For this post I wanted to share some of the notebooks and planners I used throughout 2016 and how they worked (or didn't) for me.



I've had a single A5 hardcover Leuchtturm 1917 notebook on my desk ...

Here's something I've been doing for a while that's really handy:

  1. View your wish list on Amazon
  2. Filter the list by items with price drops
  3. Sort by lowest price

I keep my Amazon wish list up-to-date even though it's more effort than just hitting "want to ...

Nice to know I'm not the only one disappointed in Apple's software quality lately.

Here's an interesting exercise if you're a writer: plan an article or blog post, take a five-minute break to read a book, then sit down and start writing your first draft. It's amazing how quickly another writer's style can seep into your work.

2016 in review

Eggs and lavender

Following on from my 2015 review, here's a round-up of what I did this year, what I read and watched, and my goals for 2017.

Things I did in 2016

  • Published 48 posts on my blog
  • Wrote 88 articles for freelance clients
  • Finished up freelancing and accepted a part-time ...

Jibun Techo size comparisons

Jibun Techo 2017

Since there isn't much information available about the Jibun Techo in English, and the sizes aren't the standards we use in the West, lots of people are wondering about the sizes of the Jibun Techos.

I only have the A5 Slim version of the Jibun Techo. There's ...

How I'm using my Jibun Techo

Jibun Techo

I've had my Jibun Techo for about two months now, so I've had time to experiment with how I want to use it. I still love it, but I've tried a few different ways of incorporating it into my planning setup and wanted to share what worked ...

Monthly Review: November 2016

Door and window

Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

What went well this month

  • Finished a full four-week workout plan in the Nike+ Training Club app. Counterintuitively, upping my plan to 5-6 workouts per week actually worked better than only doing 1-3 workouts per week. I'm not convinced I can see ...

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