Posted on Mon 12 August 2019

Monthly Review: July 2019


  • Josh's birthday! We saw a Melbourne Theatre Company play and had dinner from our favourite local burger place.
  • Geelong game at the 'G. I was lucky to make it to two live football games this year, but this was the only one I saw with my dad, who got me into football in the first place.

July goals

I didn't set any!

Books and media


(Only seasons I finished this month are included here.)



August goals

  • Publish two blog posts
  • Choose a new book to read
  • Release iPad support in Exist for iOS (it's in beta right now)
  • Get blood tests done to check vitamin levels
  • Lose 1kg

Focus habit for August

Ukulele! I just started learning ukulele at the end of July and I'm really enjoying it, so I'm aiming to practice every day while it's still fun.

P.S. I make some stuff you might like: Exist, a personal analytics app to help you understand your life, Larder, a bookmarking app for developers, and Changemap, a roadmap and changelog for transparent teams.

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