Posted on Mon 01 August 2016

Monthly Review: July 2016


Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

This month's goals

  • ✖️ Complete changes to Exist Timeline tab to match Android app: FAIL But close! I was ahead of schedule all month until I got really stuck on the last major chunk of work. I'm still not sure how to move forward, so it may take me all of August to finish this off.
  • ✖️ Keep my total expenses under budget: FAIL I tried hard to stay under budget this month, but accidentally didn't count some expenses from early in the month, so I ended up going over. But I was close, and I think I can manage it next month.
  • ✔️ Write 2 posts for my blog: WIN Stuff I like: 2016 edition, The ups and downs of freelancing
  • ✖️ Publish my next Field Trip article: FAIL I didn't work on Field Trip at all this month. In-between my client work and trying to keep up with working on Exist for iOS, I just didn't find the time or motivation.

This month's daily habit

Exercise. 14/30

I wanted to get some exercise every day—either weights, biking, or a short bodyweight workout.

I tried scheduling these workouts into my day so I would get them done, but still struggled with motivation. I'll need to adjust and keep trying on this next month.

Time spent coding

18h 30m, 8 commits

Fewer commits because I've been working on a feature branch that GitHub doesn't count commits for (grr). But I did increase my time... almost doubled it this month!

Most played music

Books read



Money spent

107% of budget

I tried really hard to stay under budget but accidentally went over because I wasn't keeping track properly (oh the perils of switching apps all the time). I had a look at where I could have saved money, and there wasn't a lot—stationery to the tune of almost exactly the amount I went over budget, and a shirt I'll need a bit later in the year that I could have put off buying.

Biggest expenses: $1293 for rent, $130 for haircut

Goals for August

  • Stay under budget
  • Finish Exist for iOS changes that I'm working on
  • Publish 3 posts for my blog
  • Publish 2 posts for Exist/Hello Code blogs
  • Draft one personal essay/magazine article

August daily habit focus:

My morning routine.

At the moment my routine is: get up, make coffee, grab doughnut, get back into bed and watch football. After that I sometimes go straight to the shower, and sometimes dally around if I don't want to start my day yet.

I still want to do coffee and doughnuts for breakfast, but I want to do my French lessons in the morning again on a regular basis, and try to fit in some exercise and writing. So I'll try for this:

Get up, make coffee, grab doughnut, go back to bed. Do French while eating doughnut. Drink coffee and write for Exist, my blog, or a personal writing project. Get up and exercise, then shower, eat morning tea, and start work. If I'm really not in the mood for exercising, I can do some weights while watching more football, but hopefully I'll be bothered to do something more active on most days.

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