Posted on Mon 10 April 2017

Monthly Review: March 2017


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What went well this month

  • Book of Mormon was awesome. Second time seeing it and I'd see it again.
  • Set up my new domain,

March goals

✖️ 4 bike rides: 2/4

✔️ Finish Larder for iOS login screen

✖️ Release Larder for iOS beta version

✔️ Release first beta of Exist for iOS with Apple Health sleep integration

✖️ Release some open-source code

✖️ 4 posts across the following blogs: mine, Larder, Hello Code: 3/4:

March's focus habit

Morning workouts: min. 5/week

Towards the end of March I started getting into more of a routine with workouts, and pushing myself to do 30-minute workouts every day. It's frustrating to increase the amount of exercise I do and not feel or see any difference, but I think I just haven't been exercising enough to make a difference yet. Hopefully April will prove me right.

Books read



Goals for April

  • Release Apple Health sleep integration in Exist for iOS
  • Get custom tracking ready for beta testers in Exist for iOS
  • 4 blogs posts

Focus habit for March

  • Workout for 30+ minutes, min. 5x /week

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