Posted on Thu 06 October 2016

Monthly Review: September 2016


Last month's review. All monthly reviews.

This month's goals

✔️ Finish editing my first personal essay and pitch it to a publication

✔️ Catch up on Exist iOS deadlines and be on time or early by end of September

✔️ Restart gymnastics classes

✖️ Draft a new essay/feature article

I got halfway through this, but it's not done.

✔️ Publish 3 posts on my blog

✖️ Publish/submit 3 HC posts

Submitted two guest posts, but didn't get a third one done.

This month's daily habit


I restarted gymnastics, which is awesome, but it makes me so sore that I have to have lots of days off workouts in-between classes, so I didn't exercise very often this month.

Time spent coding

14h 55m, 20 commits

Slightly down on time, slightly up on commits. Already had a huge programming weekend on Oct 1-2, so this may be up again next month.

Most played music

Books read

Theatre & events

Louis Theroux's Australian speaking tour! He was awesome.

Goals for October

  • Launch first month of The Monthly Review
  • Publish 4 posts for my blog
  • Publish 3 posts for Hello Code/Larder/Exist
  • Get started on tax returns
  • Launch Exist for iOS update with location tracking
  • Send new version of Exist for iOS to beta testers with HealthKit improvements
  • Draft one personal essay/feature article
  • Launch a new small new project I've started working on
  • Draft another new project I've been planning

October daily habit focus

Exercise again. More consistent, more varied, focusing on increasing strength and losing fat.

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