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Aspects of a well-known app I like have been blatantly ripped off by a solo dev for an app in another category. I love that an app exists for this other use-case I have with features from the big app I like, but it's hard to feel okay about supporting such obvious copying.

Why do so many developers keep blogging on Medium? It has annoying pop-ups, you don't own your content, and it doesn't do any syntax highlighting. Maybe there's a market for a dev-specific replacement?

Some really good Swift tips in this article that I didn't know about:

10 Quick Swift Tips – Hacking with Swift

At the start of each year I write a review of the previous year. I also start my review of the current year. I re-read and add to the current year's review as the year goes by, both to remind me of my goals and to make it quicker and easier to finish my review when the year is over.

I wish I'd read this post a couple of years ago, before I learned all this stuff the hard way.

Dealing with Dates

Today I published the 11 principles I'm trying to stick to in my code these days. They're really helping me write better code than I ever did before.

At work.

At work

I like that you can now set your pronouns in your Asana profile.

My first (accepted) pull request!

Since working harder to make my code conform to the single responsibility principle, I've ended up with each object relying on lots of other objects to do its work. It's a whole other problem to deal with.

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