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Mid-year review, 2018

I've been working on this post since June. Now that it's August, it barely counts as a mid-year review.

Anyway, let's take a look at my 2018 goals. I only set two big goals for 2018:

  • Move house
  • Release Larder for iOS

I haven't done either of these yet. Our current lease doesn't expire until August so moving house won't happen until after that.

Larder for iOS has finally hit beta. This is super exciting because I started working on this app more than a year ago (maybe even two) and struggled to make time to finish it. Recently I …

First Hello Code podcast episode for ages! I forgot how much fun it is to record these.

I think I'm getting a bit too predictable. Although I don't know why I'm always tired on the day I have my longest sleep of the week...

Insights from

Whenever I read about people's favourite productivity tips or hacks, or how much time they spend with their productivity system, I'm relieved to have left all that behind. My number one tip about productivity is to find work you love, and stop needing to think about productivity at all. (I realise this is an incredibly privileged position to hold, and feel grateful that I'm able to do so, while understanding not everyone can.)

This weekend's project was trying out Kotlin and starting an Android app! There's a lot to take in but I'm really enjoying it so far.

One of the benefits of getting a puppy has been more exercise!

Steps graph

This seems like a cool addition to Swift 4.2:

Enumerating enum cases in Swift – Ole Begemann

This is a handy round up of all the new stuff relating to notifications in iOS 12:

What's new in notifications in iOS 12 –

Today it's one week since I gave up caffeine. I had mild headaches for about 3 days, and struggled to wake up for about 5 days. Four days in I wanted to give up but I'm glad I didn't!

I tried to write a 7-day email course in 7 days. Here's what happened.

Note: This article originally appeared on my short-lived site, Field Trip. Since Field Trip no longer exists I'm republishing its few stories here on my blog.

Early in December I took some time off from my job at Ghost to recover from shingles. In case you haven't heard about shingles, it's basically an adult version of chicken pox, and usually affects older people with compromised immune systems. It comes with a rash, and severe nerve pain that can last for weeks, or even months. For the first week I had shingles I spent most of my time lying immobile on …

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