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The park near our house is bustling with dog walkers on weekdays, but dead at the same time on a weekend. How are these people making their dogs sleep-in on the weekend? Jez expects a walk at the same every day of the week.

Oooh JetPens has 2019 Jibun Techo planners in stock. I still haven't decided if next year I'll stick with a Jibun Mini or switch to a Hobo Weeks or Cousin.

I miss the halcyon days when my puppy refused to go to the toilet anywhere but home.

Some good ideas here for using Kotlin higher-order functions.

I recently heard a talk about using MVP on iOS and really liked the idea. This is a good look at how Reddit is incrementally moving to MVP.

You can check my progress on version 0.0.8 of Pico in this pull request on GitHub, if you're curious.

Recent thoughts on Android vs. iOS

My last post about using Android vs. iOS was about 18 months ago. It feels like time for an update.

At the end of 2017, after having my Google Pixel for just over a year, I switched to an iPhone X. As an iOS developer, I felt my work was better when I used my own apps every day, and I'd long despised the physical iPhone home button, which the X did away with.

Around May of 2018 I dropped my iPhone X and cracked the screen. I've never done that to a phone before! It feel out of my …

I love Xcode's docs pop-ups. I love AppCode's line guides. I love that AppCode suggests a method implementation when I call a method I haven't written yet. I love how Xcode tells me the parameters of a method as I'm calling it. They both have strengths, is all I'm saying.

I had some trouble figuring out how to handle multiple images sent to Pico from other Android apps so I wrote up how it works on the Hello Code blog.

Exciting stuff coming in the next version of Pico so far: thumbnail previews for images, support for sending images (multiple if you want!) and text (incl. links!) to Pico from other apps, and support for displaying multiple images in a post.

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