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Today I published the 11 principles I'm trying to stick to in my code these days. They're really helping me write better code than I ever did before.

At work.

At work

I like that you can now set your pronouns in your Asana profile.

My first (accepted) pull request!

Since working harder to make my code conform to the single responsibility principle, I've ended up with each object relying on lots of other objects to do its work. It's a whole other problem to deal with.

Setting up a post-commit git hook

Since I'm working on adding tests to the iOS app for Exist at the moment, I've recently been working on adding a post-commit hook to run my tests automatically. Here are some of the resources I found most useful when setting this up:

I'm excited to be working on adding tests to the iOS app for Exist, but so far I'm spending at least as much time on my tests as I am on real code. They're as bad as everyone who avoids them says, I think.

Struggled with not being able to add default parameter arguments in a Swift protocol today. This workaround was really helpful.

Replicated a favourite pizza flavour that's too far away to be delivered to us now, with home-made dough. Yum!

Home made pizza

2 days after we noticed the jagged-edged coriander leaf and it's looking even more like real coriander!

Coriander bigger

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