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What frameworks/libraries do you use in pretty much every project? Mine on iOS: TableKit, PromiseKit, SnapKit, CocoaLumberjack. On Android: Fuel, Kovenant, Anko.

It seems rare that docs alone are enough for me to implement a new feature, but these docs on the UISearchController are detailed and quite clear.

I'm off to a gymnastics class today, and I'm really looking forward to getting away from all this internet drama and just focusing on tumbling, swinging, and lifting until I'm sore.

This might be a dumb question, but when Swift says I have to use self. to call a function inside a closure, should I be using weak self or something there, to avoid retain cycles?

It's pretty telling in terms of how well you listen to your community when those who aren't happy only feel comfortable saying so secretly, or outside the confines of the community itself.

I love using promises, but I wish I understand them better. I spend a lot of time fighting with the Swift compiler, using trial-and-error to get it to leave me alone, because I don't understand what the real problem is.

As soon as I left the hairdresser after my last haircut, I started growing it out. I really hated it. I can't wait to get it past the most awkward growing stage so I can have it cut into a new style.

Boat club. Cartoon

On public criticism

I've noticed a few posts on today that are clearly related to my post about leaving yesterday (though not sent to me directly). The general gist of these posts is that criticism should be done privately.

I understand that criticism can be tough, and public criticism in particular. In fact, I held back most of yesterday's post for weeks because of this fact. I've held most of these reservations for a while, but I didn't want to share these criticisms because I felt there were other ways I could help improve instead. Leaving the service and …

When I first learned the Kotlin syntax equivalent to Swift's if let I didn't like it as much, but lately I'm finding the Swift version feels a bit more verbose. In Kotlin it's nullableThing?.let { do stuff } vs. Swift's if let unwrappedThing = optionalThing { do stuff }.

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