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On public criticism

I've noticed a few posts on today that are clearly related to my post about leaving yesterday (though not sent to me directly). The general gist of these posts is that criticism should be done privately.

I understand that criticism can be tough, and public criticism in particular. In fact, I held back most of yesterday's post for weeks because of this fact. I've held most of these reservations for a while, but I didn't want to share these criticisms because I felt there were other ways I could help improve instead. Leaving the service and …

When I first learned the Kotlin syntax equivalent to Swift's if let I didn't like it as much, but lately I'm finding the Swift version feels a bit more verbose. In Kotlin it's nullableThing?.let { do stuff } vs. Swift's if let unwrappedThing = optionalThing { do stuff }.

It's like we've learned nothing from Twitter. Users who say providing a solid API, clear docs, and third-party dev support would tailor a platform to "a niche elite of tech savvy people" miss the point. Those third-party devs make the experience better for all the other users!

This is a cool idea for making setup closures more succinct. I pass arguments into initialisers most of the time, but for the few times I don't, this could be really handy.

I try hard these days to stick to Gio's advice of making the tiniest change possible when refactoring. I used to move lots of stuff around at once and get into some bad messes.

Why I'm leaving

I've come and gone from several times before. I joined long before the Kickstarter, when barely anyone was there. I tried it again after the Kickstarter, when the community looked more like it does today. And I came back again a few weeks ago for the most fun, if not the longest, period of time I've spent there.

Like many other people, I really like the community on I like that it feels like a nice, friendly place to hang out, and that mostly people post content thoughtfully, even if it's short or just a photo …

Josh has been trying to convince me to take up web development for ages. Have to say, now that I'm trying it, the speed at which I can see my changes is really cool.

Making real things happen in Python! Fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Littlelogs screenshot

Learning some Python today. Dynamic typing is a real shock to my system.

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