Posted on Tue 02 May 2017

Monthly Review: April 2017

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What went well this month

  • Geelong vs. North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium was awesome. First live AFL game this year and we had amazing seats for an amazing game.
  • Set up our new Steam Link so we can play PC games from the couch with a Steam controller. Just the compromise I wanted.
  • Finally made it to a Melbourne Cocoaheads event.
  • Seeing Andrew Bird live was fun and inspired me to focus more on making art.

April goals

✖️ Release Apple Health sleep integration in Exist for iOS

This has been very close for a couple of weeks now, but figuring out the last few bugs and going through the process of sending new builds to beta testers, waiting for Apple to review each build, and waiting for tester feedback has stopped me launching this new feature to all our users. But I'm hopeful that I've done the last bug fix and I'll have it out very, very soon.

✖️ Get custom tracking ready for beta testers in Exist for iOS

This is coming along, but needs a lot more work before it's ready for beta testing.

✖️ 4 blogs posts: 0/4

I've totally lost my desire to blog lately.

April's focus habit

Workout for 30+ minutes, min. 5x /week

Will I ever figure out how to get myself to do exercise regularly? I know I'd do it more if I looked forward to it, but I can't even find a way to make it fun. At the moment I'm doing a 10-15 minute workout most days of the week when I finish work at 11am. I've lost the motivation to do this before work, but if I can get that back I'll have time for a bike ride or a walk at 11am to bump up my activity levels further.

Books read

  • The Brothers K, David James Duncan, 4/5

Goals for May

  • Get custom tracking in Exist for iOS ready for beta testers

Focus habit for May

  • Piano 20 minutes x 5 days/week

I've had trouble fitting in piano practice consistently and figuring out what to do during my practice sessions, so my piano teacher helped me come up with a 20-minute practice session plan. Now I've got to figure out where it fits into my day and make it a habit.

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